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What We Believe

We believe, that above all else, this is a business about trust and relationships first, and investment choices, risk strategies and implementation tactics second.

It is our desire to be your lifelong, trusted Financial Advisor in partnership with other professionals (CPAs, attorneys) working on your behalf, so that you are able to live life in the way that is most meaningful to you.

Our mission is to provide professional financial and investment advice to those who desire a personal, collaborative approach.

We achieve this by keeping our practice capped at a size that allows for significant personal interaction.  Whether meeting with you privately, hosting our Lunch-n-Learn events or our Annual Investment Outlook and Midyear Update luncheons, we seek to make complex topics understandable and approachable.

Our Client Promise to You

In an era when large financial companies see online support and self-service as a way to shield themselves from costly interactions with their clients, we believe in an entirely different approach :

Building client – centric service through great people, clever technology and face-to- face interaction that personalizes the relationship is what we’re all about.

“ Excellent Client service is not what we do , but is who we are. It’s a way of living that we bring to everything we do “

--Michelle Miguez-Garcia