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Our Process

Our process begins with a discovery meeting so that we can mutually decide if we are a good fit to work together.

Going forward, the next step is the development of a comprehensive financial plan that addresses all areas of risk, liability, and solvency.

This plan is designed to be understandable and actionable. The goal is for you to have a high degree of confidence in your big picture goals and the path to get you there.

  • "Can I afford to retire at my targeted age ?”
  • “Will we still be able to afford to travel ?”
  • “Am I saving enough ?”
  • “How do I account for the impact of healthcare costs ?”
  • “Am I invested in the right things ?”

All of your questions and concerns are addressed in your plan.

Once a plan has been agreed upon and you have complete confidence in your overall plan, we will then address specific areas of concern and will develop an investment plan, insurance plan , taxation strategy , etc. to support your overall goals.

Finally, and importantly, we design a client service plan to suit your needs and preferences. We want to have contact with you at the frequency you desire and in the manner you prefer.